Book review: Lord of the vampires, Gena Showalter

As per usual with Gena, this was an easy and enjoyable read with lots of sultry and well-crafted sex scenes between a strong alpha and sexy, capable female. There were some interesting twists and turns early on in the book. However, I felt the plot thinned and the pace waned a little towards the end. Unlike what I have come to expect of Gena, her clarity of expression waned at times too. Her work is usually very crisp and tight allowing you to really focus on the sensual and often beautiful descriptions. I felt that some of Gena’s flare was missing from this book. Despite this lack there was still plenty of sizzle packed into these pages.

I enjoyed Jane’s (the protagonist) personality as much as her physicality (some of the descriptions are breathtaking), but I felt that Nicolai (alpha male) was poorly developed, especially given how central he is to the series. As such, their banter wasn’t particularly witty or sharp. Some may even argue Nicolai sounded like a Neandertha,l but I reserve judgment on that fact because it is hard to tell whether this was Gena’s intention or not. The shallowness of Nicolai’s character development made it difficult to invest in their relationship at times. However, Jane’s character was so enjoyable that she carried the plot along regardless. Also, there were some major holes in the plot regarding what could and couldn’t cross between worlds; but given that Gena was drawing inspiration between Alice in Wonderland, a few Cheshire Cat/Mad Hatter moments can be forgiven. However, I never once tired of reading about Jane and Nicolai’s romps so Gena still has the magic in her fingertips!

Despite a few minor pitfalls, Gena has done a stellar job of developing the majestic world of Elden and setting the stage for the rest of the series. If someone were to ask me for a sexy vamp book to read, this would be on the list for sure.


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