“Love” September 7th 2014 Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday


© Catherine Winther


She wasn’t beautiful but when the light crossed her face in that moment, with her bleached features and fractured eyes something shone through. It was in that moment I knew how the light got in; she hit me like a storm of bones piercing the last flesh of hope. She turned and smiled throwing the air like arrows across my naked heart.  © Catherine Winther


©Daniele Spagnuolo

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  1. This is pretty and thought provoking 🙂 Although to be honest, I’m awful at interpreting poetry :$ This feels like a poem, but I’m not sure if it is? It’s titled “Love,” but it’s dark. This feels like it’s written from the perspective of a lover, and he’s describing a wife/girlfriend/partner that is going through something difficult, or she’s abusive, but there is still a trace of her in there, as indicated by the light and fractured eyes. This line eluded me, “she hit me like a storm of bones piercing the last flesh of hope.” I wasn’t sure what that was supposed to mean, and I had a hard time envisioning it. Perhaps it means that the woman is anorexic or has cancer? Both of those conditions involve women that are very thin, skin and bones.

    This was definitely an interesting read ^^ I just started reading poetry. I don’t think it’s something I could ever write well because there are so many restrictions, and each word has to mean something. In theory that should happen with short stories or novels. It’s accentuated in poetry though, and I find it too confining. But it’s fun to read because I love poetic prose 😉


    • Hi Butterfly – thank you for the feedback. I just wanted to say – I have studied poetry and learned many rules but you know what I do now? I throw words at the paper like paint until it feels right. So that line you mentioned “she hit me like a storm of bones piercing the last flesh of hope.” – it may not be literal, it could be about what it feels like, what do the words feel like in your mouth? When those words come together what does it do to your heart or to your minds eye? And why have I given myself permission to write this way? Because I want to. Enjoy reading poetry but if you feel like you want to write it – write it and write it for yourself. It is great if other people can appreciate your poetry but first and foremost write it for yourself. In my view, I would much rather everyone in the world wrote poetry, good or bad, than none at all. Plus, the only way to become skilled at something is to start doing it. Happy writing xx


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