From Barcelona to New York

Weekend Writing Warriors

Every Sunday, a group of us sign up at the Weekend Writing Warriors blog and post a snippet of a work in progress or poetry. I will be using this platform to share another side of my writing – my poetry. I will also be sharing some of my photography and other people’s artworks. Link to Weekend Writing Warriors: and read and connect with an excellent and diverse group of writers. Here’s my contribution for the week:


“City sounds push up against the window. Eleven floors, the sailing glass stops you there. A single bed in a double room is the perfect stage for ghosts. I lie flat against the floor holding tight. Blue light drifts soft against my lips. I taste the ghosts just as they taste me. Half empty lattes and scattered newspapers. I try filling the morning with more… white sheets. Eleven floors down a cowgirl stands on the corner, her hat matching the autumn leaves and the taxis. Everything is moving away. Stillness is a blessing and a curse. I settle on a lack of attachment, new teachings in emptiness. Missing you is a failure of spirit. I watch you push in new directions, strange clubs and fancy drinks between cigars and awards. It looks fast where you are – new people, new things. I read about it in all the newspapers… any papers that matter. I plan to quit smoking next week, after the seasons end. I tell you about it on the postcard still stuck on my fridge. The colours on the postcard remind me of Barcelona. You said you could marry that city. I upload the memories to my gallery; a virtual shoebox of shit.” © Catherine Winther


  1. I love the contrasting between her world slowing down and becoming still and his speeding up….I read and I feel the different momentum as I read…another gorgeous poem Catherine ❤

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  2. Gem says:

    Bitter sweet memories blended with sorrow and loss made this memorable and beautiful. Lovely picture of words.


  3. Cara Bristol says:

    Like the stream of consciousness–just how the mind thinks. Like pulling on thread, thoughts unravel.


  4. Like thoughts blowing in the wind, loose and free yet so sad. Precious words. Thank you.


  5. burnsmillie says:

    Catherine your words always evoke string emotions, well done. The moderator in me needs to tell you, this piece of poetry is quite a bit too long for WeWriWa. Poetry has a limit of 150 words. Stories eight lines. This keeps things sort of short and sweet so all weekend warriors have the time to hit every blog they want to get to. Please keep that in mind when choosing your next piece. Thanks so much.


    • EEK! Sorry! Will stay within the word limit next time. For some reason I thought it was longer for poems. Thanks for the feedback though 🙂


      • burnsmillie says:

        You’re welcome for the feedback, and it should read strong emotion, not string. Darn early mornings from iphones with auto-correct and nary a drop of caffeine. I always feel like I’m sort of floating through your words…they are beautifully written : )


      • Oh no! I hope you fixed the coffee problem! It is always lovely to hear my words move people stringly 😉


  6. Frank Fisher says:

    Sounds like stirring up bitter sweet memories. Love the contrasting and including a beautiful city like Barcelona in this.


  7. FCEtier says:

    Tweeted, Liked, & G+’d.
    Photographers love to hear compliments that their work is like poetry.
    Your poetry creates great images.
    Well done!


  8. Evocative and so fascinating that I couldn’t stop reading, anxious for the next image.


  9. elainecsc2013 says:

    What a compelling image. Well done.


  10. Your poetry is just so visual- so easy to picture the scene. It’s both colorful and infused with emotion and just a few words say a lot!


  11. Alexis Duran says:

    This could be considered flash fiction- there’s so much story here. Wonderful images.

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  12. Beautiful piece, Catherine. Emotions and images skillfully intertwined create a stirring reader experience. 🙂 !


  13. absolutely gorgeous. great imagery and all the intensity and poignancy of your words, spoke volumes!


  14. Simply fantastic! I love the visual you create for the reader! You are on it and I love that added touch you put in for Halloween! Great job!


  15. evelynjules says:

    I have such a tremendous respect for people who write poetry and write it well. You are most certainly one of those people. Incredible imagery. Amazing work!! 🙂


  16. nettrobbens says:

    Very nice blog! Thank you for stopping by and reblogging my post. Much appreciated! Best, Nett

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