One Lovely Blog Award


I have been nominated by the very sensual and lovely Nicolette Hugo for the One Lovely Blog Award. This is quite out of the blue because I wouldn’t really consider my blog lovely, more a mish mash of thoughts and words all clumped together but I am glad someone does.

Thanks, my deer-heart. I wholeheartedly accept. There are some rules to accepting this reward (full disclosure, it’s in my nature to break them).

Share 7 Lovely Facts about myself

Link to 15 blogs (or as many as possible) that I enjoy reading. Nominate the authors of those 15 blogs to participate and do the same, linking back to the original Lovely blog. (That would be this page.)


The keys to my secret identity:

1) If there is a God it is Nick Cave (he has just come down in human form to mess with our minds and remind us of the importance of tailored suits.)

2) I could live off coffee. Some days I do. If it was legal to marry coffee I would. Coffee is sacred.

3) I love animals and plants of all kinds and consider them equal to humans. So, if you are not comfortable standing on the sidewalk with me while I have a conversation with a butterfly or pine tree it is probably best we part company now.

4) Sequoia forests are my natural habitat.

5) I was born and raised in Twin Peaks.

6) Mads Mikkelsen has ruined men. He is far too good looking to be let out in public. He really needs to calm down.

7) I live on a desert island and I hate the heat. My brain stops functioning when it gets to 25 degrees. Rain and thunder turn me on.

8) All my best friends are wolves and we run as a pack – wild and free.

9) I truly believe Kristen Stewart is a brilliant actor and is incredibly beautiful.

10) Craig Furgeson reminds me every now and then that everything is entirely not okay and that’s okay. In fact, Craig reminds me the more shambolic the world is the more wonderful it is.

11) Bjork and Thom Yorke are my spirit animals (I am kinda bouncy and grumpy at the same time).

12) My favourite number is 12.

13) Anne Carson is my favourite author.

14) I don’t do rules.


Elsa Holland

Tyler Kent

Christopher Poindexter

Jodi Cleghorn

Sniffy Jenkins

Claire B Goodbody

Avia – Whats Your Sign


Matthew Bishop

Hyperbole and a half

Rebelle Society

Alison Nappi

Her Strange Angels

Tiffany Reisz

Clementine von Radics



  1. May you always travel in the company of wolves ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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