A girl called lie


“A girl called Lie lost her dog amongst the forest shadows.

The town weeps and cries behind her.

Smoke stacks lean in.

The marching men thunder the ground, like earthquakes.

She ties her shoes, brushes the hair out of her eyes.

Cold without her jacket.

Her dog, lost amongst the forest shadows leads her in to borderlands.

Years later, a girl called Lie lost among the city shadows

Escaped the marching men, escaped the rolling thunder into the arms of another town. She settles on a pound an hour.

She finds rare moments of time between the shadows and the thighs. She finally understands Nin’s “slavery to a pattern” in the place of love.

Paris cries ‘we are all too beautiful to die!’ and digs her grave between batting her lashes and tearing her stockings. Peach mornings are spent in the sinking warmth of an empty mattress.

Dragging her hands through the copper basin, water ripples like cold silk. Her hands never grew up; so small, so brittle… the veins mark the times behind.

Watching her shudder he found it terribly easy to write of death and forgetting, the final black solider breeding in the night and in the day, counting down her hours.

It’s a strange thing to pay to watch the death of a lie. Birds crash like black flags in grey skies and everything insignificant becomes beautiful.

But he writes again ‘this profession is littered with people who thought they could.’ And continues making money out of the throbbing manhood of loneliness.” © Catherine Winther




  1. marcus says:



  2. Frank Fisher says:

    I like the title and you painted a good picture of her background using such good poetry.

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  3. This is wonderful…its a world and a lifetime in just a few lines…beautifully painted

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  4. Gorgeous. Gave me goosebumps.

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  5. Beautiful! Hints and touches of a larger picture we must frame in our minds. Nicely done!

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  6. Lisa Medley says:

    Very intriguing. Well done!

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  7. Intense and fascinating how so much can be summed up in well-chosen words. Your poems are fascinating, glad you share them with us every week!

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  8. smithaw50 says:

    This hits you between the eyes! “Peach mornings are spent in the sinking warmth of an empty mattress.” Powerful stuff.


  9. Gem says:

    “…continues making money out of the throbbing manhood of loneliness.” Beautiful but disturbing imagery.

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  10. evelynjules says:

    Oh my, absolutely incredible. The final two stanzas are particularly poignant. You continue to wow me with your words!

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  11. Thank you everyone for your lovely replies! Sorry I would reply individually but I have been unwell this week ❤


  12. hiccup says:

    This one brings me to…quiet.

    thank you


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