As I was saying… The Digital Writers Festival

In my blog post yesterday I was talking about how important community is for artists. I spoke mainly about online communities for writers who are housebound for whatever reason. Art is a lonely business and at times, can really put you through the ringer emotionally and spiritually. Anyway, look what I found today!


Digital Writers’ Festival 2015
February 11 — 22

“In 2015, the Digital Writers’ Festival is taking livestreaming literary events to the next level.

Join wordsmiths and literary tinkerers to get a handle as they share their latest literary experiments! Yarn with food writers about culinary culture in a cross-continental dinner party! Take a crash course on writing the next viral YouTube smash! Take a literary tour of the globe with the help of the UNESCO Cities of Literature, or join The Stella Prize for a celebration of women’s writing.

The Digital Writers’ Festival all takes place online, right here, so viewers can participate in conversations with artists and peers located right across the planet.”


Find out more here.

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