The Four Chambers of The Heart Part 2.

I am reblogging this because I think everyone should read this. If only my younger self could have.

Elsa Holland

I’ve found that most people hang on tight to their third serious relationship.

The first can be wrong for so many understandable reasons.
Too young, thought you should, everyone else was.
The second fails and you start to wonder if something is wrong with you.
The third you have to make workor you know for sure it is  you that’s the problem.

Breaking your heart and what that does to you is similar.
Now you don’t break your heart with every relationship
And relationships aren’t the only things that break your heart.
But each break erodes your surety of how things are.
It strips away a part of yourself and who you think you are.
What we imagined the world to be and what it really is unfolds in these breaks.

And that’s not a bad thing….

I like to think of these breaks as moving between different chambers of the…

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