A beautiful snippet by the brilliant Elsa Holland. The imagery and words leave me breathless. Her books will be out in June.

Elsa Holland

Weekend Writing Warriors #8sunday

#sexy snippet & #mysexysaturday

The Weekend Writing Warriors share  8 sentences over the weekend. Here are mine from the start of a historical novel set in Victorian London called THE BOUND HEART.

Mr. James Edwards, the Bond Street Bookshop’s bookbinder and The Velvet Basement’s source of shibari photo plates has avoided Miss Olive Thompson for a long time. Her Friday deliveries of string, threads and yarn were a exercise of constant vigilance. Of constant denial. And of constant longing… Today’s snippet is where Olive has managed to make Jamie take the leap. Tonight they will walk into his world.


10478148_10152245059331868_7672686436825233589_nLondon 1898

The corset was loose, the back all unlaced, Olive clutched it uselessly against her breasts. Her heart was beating overly fast and the heat in her face meant she must be a bright, bright red.

Jamie tilted his head to the side. There was a softness in his face, just a little, as he…

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  1. Elsa Holland says:

    Thank you Catherine ❤


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