Trends: Isn’t It Time For Self-Publishers To Get Over Self-Publishing?

“… the barrel isn’t the point.” I couldn’t agree more.

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Let’s Say You Walk Into A Bookstore

You’re taken with all the books on the front table. New releases. Beautiful covers. Fascinating titles.

You leaf through a few. You settle on one you really like. You’re ready to head for the cash register when suddenly somebody jumps up from behind the table and nearly gives you heart failure, yelling:

Aha! You’ve picked up a self-published book! You see? Self-published books are just as good as traditionally published books!

Don’t worry, as far as I know that tawdry little scenario exists only in my imagination and hasnt really occurred anywhere.

But it reflects a bind in which self-publishers may be finding themselves these days. And it has to do with several questions of logic:

  • If readers don’t care if a good book is self-published, then why call attention to that fact?
  • Are you self-publishing because you’re a writer…

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