Striking Chords of Metaphor in Fiction-Writing (I)

Kore Desires

I am fishing. Trying to lure an idea, hook it, pull it to the surface. I want to cut it fishing4ideasopen and see what’s inside. I want to show what I know about this slippery, incandescent, underwater creature.

In writing this, I use the very thing I want to write about as my way of writing about it.


Defined as “a figure of speech in which one thing is identified with another”, the word metaphororiginates from the Greek word metapherein – meaning “to transfer.

So how do I write about this creature, this chimera, that has kept me connected to the miracle of words and stories ever since I could first absorb a story whole, and breathe out wonderment? Ever since I first felt the power of story to transfer my senses, my very being, to another time and place? How do I write about this…

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