What the Future Holds: 21st century erotic fiction

Whilst I don’t agree with every view put forth in this piece, I think it is vital reading for erotica writers and readers.

Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Interviewing just over 130 authorsof erotic fiction, I asked what the future holds for our genre.

As ever, this article is intended as a starting point for discussion. All comments are welcome.

For writers and readers seeking access to an online community,erotic fiction 21st century Emmanuelle de Maupassant where ideas may be further debated, and professional expertise shared, you may like to visit the Erotica Writers and Readers Association, or The Erotic Literature Salon.


Writing Craft

In her inspiring and uplifting article, On Writing Erotica, Remittance Girl describes the act of passionate creation, the antithesis to churning out commercial fodder to please an imagined readership: ‘Do you remember falling in love with someone and being so addicted to them that it almost made you sick? You could not leave them alone, and when you had to, they were like a huge, dark cloud that blocked out half your horizon, so that…

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