Publishing’s Dirty Secret: erotic fiction in the 21st century market

I cannot stress how important this article is for writers of any genre. A wonderful and delightful collection of wise words speaking to what it is like for authors in the modern day – the private and the commercial struggles we face. Thank you Emmanuelle de Maupassant​ for bringing this idea to fruition.

Emmanuelle de Maupassant

publishing dirty secret marketing self-publishing publishers writers marketing editing authorsHaving interviewed just over 130 authorsof erotic fiction, this article tackles their experience of working with publishers, and of self-publishing, of the role of marketing, and the importance of releasing well-crafted work. Does erotic fiction remain publishing’s ‘dirty secret’: a genre without due recognition or respect for authors?

As ever, this article is intended as a starting point for discussion. All comments are welcome.

Around 20% of respondents to this survey have worked with larger houses, such as Penguin, Harlequin, Orion, Random House, Harper Collins, Hachette, Simon & Shuster, Little Brown, Pan McMillan, and Nexus.

Some have published with mid-sized houses, such as Cleis, Myriad and Serpent’s Tail, while the overwhelming majority have worked with smaller presses, such as Circlet, Stupid Fish Productions, Stormy Night Productions, Little Raven, Go Deeper, Totally Bound, House of Erotica, Accent, Riverdale, Two Dame Productions, Sweetmeats Press, Xcite, Baronet Press, and Blushing Books.


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