I have discussed previously that Nick Cave is my primary inspiration, both in what he creates and who he is as a person. I wanted to share this article written by the delightful Amanda Palmer (that woman rocks my world). I found her words both moving and interesting. It provides new ways of thinking about art and its function.

“Art reminds us. That our plans are meaningless. That help is not on the way. That our children can die in our lifetimes. But I have to say, though his song subject is (as usual) darker than dark, Nick Cave acts here not as a harbinger of doom but of the lightest, noblest message an artist can deliver to us: that the choice to make art is, indeed, an act of blistering revenge against the nonsensical, cold unfairness of this world. Tragedy strikes. We can close down, or we can keep working on finding a frame in which to house all of this confusion. A black frame, or a white one … any frame at all. We have a choice.” Read more here.



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  1. prof_it_e says:

    I’m going through a revisit Nick Cave phase at the moment, seems to be needing a bit of courage, the water gets pretty deep… ~pie~


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