Snippet: Sweetest Tongue Sharpest Tooth.

“Drawing on every ounce of self-control, Anders turns his face away to break their kiss, catching Finn’s arms in a vice-like grip, tugging and bringing them chest to chest. He wraps a strong arm around Finn’s waist and another around his shoulders and biceps, locking him into a tight embrace.

Heart-to-heart and cheek-to-cheek, he wills Finn to override his lust by listening to the world around them with greater clarity – to the warnings and the melodies that drop from the branches of the trees, weaving atop their thick, red-barked trunks all cracked and bleeding sap that slither into rivers of blood and strange serpents that snap at their heels.

Anders knows that more often than not, words get in the way. The real dangers, the real warnings, the real stories tuck themselves away in all the dark places words can’t reach. Silence lets the wind dust up all the shadows and lands them on his skin, sending black tremors through his soul that wake a knowing that he can’t deny.”


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