If you’re going to pick a fight, you first have to know how to throw a punch.


I had every intention of waking up and writing a blog post in response to this glorious piece of bullshit by award winning author Laurie Gough. Not only is this article utter nonsense, it is full of fallacies. If you are going to write an inflammatory ‘click bait’ article insulting millions of authors at least use a sound argument structure to hold your golden nuggets up for the world to cringe over.

Why did this article make me so angry? Firstly, because of the content and secondly, because it used some of the crudest fallacies I have seen printed in any newspaper article in a long time. Here is a short list of some of the fallacies Laurie Gough employed to try and sway our views.

Anecdotal fallacy

Appeal to probability

Argument from fallacy

Argument from incredulity

Argument from silence

Argumentum ad hominem

Begging the question

Correlative-based fallacies

Fallacy of quoting out of context

False authority

False dilemma

False equivalence

Moral high ground

Naturalistic fallacy

Psychologist’s fallacy

Retrospective determinism

Faulty generalizations

Cognitive biases

…shall I go on?

…And this is the article I would have written in response to Laurie Gough but Larry Correia beat me to it. This article is also inflammatory in parts, but on the whole makes some solid points that squarely crush Laurie Gough’s argument.

And just to throw another spanner in Gough’s elitist works, here is an article about John Birmingham and his reasons for venturing into self publishing. His reasons are much the same as mine: creative and business control.

TL:DR Do what you want to do, do it best to your abilities, learn, keep going. Don’t listen to anyone who lowers themselves to insulting you to influence you in any way.


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