Free online fiction: Summer Dress

Summer Dress

Catherine Winther



The clickety-clack of the rails is hypnotizing. I waver on the edge of sleep. The images of fields outside fly by in blurs of gold and green, images hazed over by long, lazy blinks and shadowed by the heavy smear of my dark lashes.


My head rocks against the window whilst my nimble little fingers toy with the smooth, dry pages of my book, the black ink words bleeding in and out with my concentration. The carriage rolls back and forth, creaking and groaning like a beast pushed beyond breaking, relentlessly swinging, praying to topple over and die. Everything hovers on threshold in this strange dreamy… nightmarish, state.


It’s late summer, peach light drifts through the dusty glass casting the scene in sepia tones. Hot and humid. The musty carriage has become a suffocating cradle, my lungs struggle to draw in breath, heat swarms and burns down my little throat. I let my head loll back to try and find some relief, some damned air. I shift my thighs together with tiny, agitated jitters, the skin sticking and pulling wherever it touches. A bead of sweat trickles from behind my ear, down the lines of my throat, between the small swell of my breasts, and down over the curve of my abdomen. It tingles and cools like I imagine the lick of his tongue would.


It’s late summer, my last summer as a girl, and the stranger across the carriage is looking at me with frightened blue eyes as he swipes his tongue across his lips… Read more here.

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