Muses… they’re a handful

Elsa Holland

Me: Elsa Holland

All the writers I hang out with have a muse of sorts. When writers describe their muse it ranges from a distinct presence to a form of inspiration or internal guidance.  Some relay a sense of communication from within and others that it is somehow greater than them and more connected to something universal.

No matter what form they take,  writers agree Muses are all demanding and moody task masters.

My muses are a collective. I experience them as a single communication but I know it’s not a  single being sending the communication, its a collective voice that communicates with me. I slip interchangeably between muse and muses because of that.

I experience my muse as a sensation. We communicate through a link, a golden thread connected to my belly that sinks deep down until it gets to very dark waters and dangles down into it. Communications come as a swell that travels through the thread and…

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