Politics and the author.

Writerly fun in social-media. Some authors have complained that I am too political. That’s fine, everyone has their opinion. The unfollow/unfriend button is there for your convenience. I like to think my social media is a nice mix of discussion, silliness, beauty, sex and spirituality. I’m eclectic therefore so is my world. However, I don’t feel that I am being too political. Like it or not, politics seeps into every text, even erotic horror novels. If I wasn’t aware of the political and social environment women, difference races, homosexuals, people of the kink community etc., were living in, my books would be ill-informed and quite possibly jarring because my targeted audience would not resonate with the context my characters were painted into.
Another point I want to make is that I have seen other authors write and publish rape and domestic violence scenes, both autobiographical and fictional without knowing what they are writing. When they were faced with the reality of what they had written (penetration without consent, emotional, verbal and physical abuse) they refused to recognize it and went on to publicly defend the text as being simply sensual. They didn’t call it rape or abuse so therefore it wasn’t. In my view, this is dangerous, especially when we are talking about hugely influential authors.
The moral of the story is, I write non-con, dub-con etc., but I know what I am writing and I hope I know what the implications of those acts are for my characters, and I at least try to think about the impact of those scenes have on my readers. I only know these things through staying aware of the current social and political climate via research and talking to people. At times it is uncomfortable, but writing is not about escapism. Reading can be, but the effort we put into providing that escape can’t be.
As such, I wont be toning down any aspect of my usual eclectic social media approach, so if that bothers you. You are welcome to unfollow and unfriend. No hard feelings.


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