The tale of two innocent and betrayed puppers that got their vengeance.

The tale of two innocent and betrayed puppers that got their vengeance.

(Parental Adversary: Graphic scenes of snuggles, boops and cuteness.)

The two puppers in this video didn’t want to be named so for the sake of their anonymity we’ll call them Scout and Wolf. Today we tell their story.

Scout and Wolf woke on what they thought was another normal day in pupper-world, a day to be full of boops and treats, but little did they know this would be their day of reckoning. The following is a true story, all caught on camera for your viewing pleasure. YOU BE THE JUDGE.

Here we see their meanie human owner overlord of badness PRETENDING to throw the tennis ball. So much cruelty. So much mockery. So much betrayal. So much wounds. Upon recognizing their deceit, Scout and Wolf came face to face with the cold hard reality of this cruel world.

Scout collapsed under the weight of the deceit. She lay down, gave up her belief in God, turned to Nietzsche and became a firm nihilist. She refused to stand up ever again. Scout went on a treat strike. Life was no longer worth living – if a tennis ball could also not be a tennis ball, where was the meaning? Where was the truth? Where would the lies end? Would she ever catch her tail?

The locals discovered Scout’s brave sacrifice and erected a monument in her honor. They hold vigils in her name and the world famous festival of ‘Lazy Sooky La La Scout’ every year honoring her superpupper power of apathy.

Seeing the effect on her sister, Wolf sought immediate vengeance and viciously attacked their meanie human owner overlord of badness, killing her instantly. The owner was defenseless against Wolf’s overwhelming powers of cuteness, licks and snorfles. (Most viewers find this section of the footage too disturbing to watch.)

Wolf then went on to raise a doggo army and conquer the world. Wolf claimed the Iron Throne and rules with an iron paw. If anyone dares to pretend to throw a ball, they are immediately told they are a bad doggo. She has been dubbed the Dreaded Queen Iron Floof.

Once a year Wolf makes a pilgrimage to Scout’s monument. When she visits, she lays down a wreath of chewy liver bites and whispers, “I did it all for you. You are the wind beneath my overly large fuzzy ears.”

No one knows what became of their horrible tyrant owner. There are rumors she wanders the moors of Melbourne looking for tennis balls that simply don’t exist.

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