Why Erotica?

Samantha MacLeod

Or, as my Very Proper Sister put it during our recent visit, “Why don’t you write something your kids can read?”

Well, I stammered, if I was writing for my six-year-old, all my stories would involve a dog named Bob who runs fast. And, if my kids want to read my writing, they can wait until they’re 18 just like everyone else.

Of course my sister’s real question – the question I’ve seen over and over, wrapped up in different outfits  – is, “Why the hell do you want to write about filthy, disgusting sex?!?”

Good question.

The first answer, the easy answer, is It Just Happened.

I started writing in 2014, after 13 years of not writing a damn thing (I talk about that decision here). I wrote a few sci-fi short stories, some flash fiction, and some speculative fiction.

Then I got this idea…What if the Norse…

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