Snippet: A Question of Falling 30/11/2017



Time came undone.
I was home. In this state of falling I was home.
When he released his bite, my soul eased back into my body, waking me from a luscious dream into an even more delicious fairy-tale.
I craned my jaw and peered back over my shoulder, we shared the tenderest of kisses. Nothing rushed. Nothing forced.
I’ve got you.
Bruised, bloodied, and exhausted, I sunk into the deep cushioning of the bed. He nosed and nuzzled into my hair, his breath hushing over the nape of my neck and sending sleepy sparks of electricity down my spine.
The overhead storm had given up and retreated into the sky. The thunder was a soft trail of murmurings. The lightning nothing more than a distant scattering of pale kisses in the night.

One by one the moons came out to scatter the room with floating blue shards of light that countered the dying red fire shadows.
The bed yawned and groaned as he shifted and laid over me protectively. His arm curled around my waist to take hold of and turn over my palm, kissing a lifetime of promises into the open wound on my hand. A strained sound emanated from his throat as his tongued greedily at the blood. The small shivers of pain were worth the wicked feeling of being wanted and consumed this way.

“I would let you eat me whole,” I murmured happily and drowsily.

He hummed, just as content.
It was a fight to keep my eyes open.
The constant rush of rain against the windows washed and cleansed and soothed.
My limbs grew heavier as his embrace grew tighter.



  1. Savannah Blaize says:

    A beautiful snippet Catherine, it is lush and sensual. I am embedded in their passion. Great work.

    Liked by 1 person

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