Snippet: WIP with Leon Howell



“There wasn’t anywhere to run. The windows were barred. She worked a bed-spring free but the metal coil flew from her hand when he landed on her, air escaping her lungs with a groan. The world span as her head bounced on the mattress, eyes wide with fear and throat full of screams. She shot one hand up to cup the outside of his elbow. She wedged her other hand under his shoulder. One twist and she could snap his arm, but probably not before he crushed her neck or skull. Fear prickled over her nape with sharp, cold teeth. “Fuck.”

Her fingers dug into his muscles, firm but warm. Human. She kept hold of him but loosened her grip, relaxing slightly as she swallowed thickly against his palm. “Whatever happened to bases one through three, lover-boy?” Her words smoky and shaky, her bravado a thin veil. He looked like he was ready to crack. Feral and desperate. Not a good combination. Her eyes rolled as she tried to get her bearings.”

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