Book Review: Nightmare Rising


First of all, fuck you. Fuck both of you. How dare you do this to me? Make me feel all these feelings and assault me with such dark delicious poetry? Just who the hell do you think you are?

So let’s get real, dark paranormal horror erotica is my shit. I love reading it and I love writing it however, books in this genre are often poorly executed, playing into tropes and relying on cheap shocks and gratuitous violence and sex without any real character connection. Before you flame me, I am aware there are some amazing writers in this genre, it is just my opinion that it is a niche genre and thus has less literary oriented writers than other genres.

And fuck me if this isn’t literary. I am Nicolette Hugo’s number one fan. Her writing is like crack to me. Her ability to weave spellbinding plots through darkly poetic prose has me hooked for life. Now she has teamed up with Cari who has an imagination that makes me so green with envy I literally turn into the Hulk. The central premise of Nightmare Rising is wickedly cool and intriguing but required a deft and delicate hand to make it come to life – which is exactly what Nicolette and Cari delivered.

Down to specifics. The sex scenes were off the scale hot. (I do not recommend reading this book in public. It does ‘things’ to you.) Part of the reason the sex scenes were so hot was because how invested I was in the characters. Nicci and Cari know how to tugs at your heart strings and will do it mercilessly. There were some really gripping psychological moments/scenes/insights in this book that definitely took my interest but also helped me connect with this new, strange, dark world.

I hate the term ‘strong woman’ because I believe all women are strong. But Zara was kick ass and her chemistry with Valor had me grinding my teeth and wiggling as I read.

No punches were pulled when writing this book, it is truly dark, sadistic, passionate, and sexy. You’re not going to find any fluffy feel good moments here, but you will be left with chills down your spine and magic in yours dreams as their effortlessly poetic writing lures you in, bewitches you, and then fucks you up in all the best ways possible. Their books have trigger warnings for a reason. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I think the only thing that detracted from my joy of the book was I did find the plot a tad over-complicated at times. It was easy enough to follow but with so much going on I felt like we didn’t get as much time to simply enjoy and sink into the world a bit more, or see a few more stolen moments of darkness between the characters. I guess what I am saying is less is more. BUT that is just my opinion, it is a rich and thrilling plot and I have no doubt that if this is a genre you enjoy, you will love this book so hard you’ll want to marry it and have its babies.

It is in my top five books for the paranormal horror erotic romance/urban fantasy genre… despite the fact you left me hanging off a huge cliff at the end. You bastards.

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