Dr Cathrine Winther

I hold two BAs, psychology and creative writing. I hold a masters and PhD in psychology.I work as an online therapist. I am an editor, published author, artist and art critic. I am a witch and I am dying.

I am a unique, weird, neurodivergent, mouthy, educated, authentic, gender fluid ghost who is equipped with excellent communication skills and far too much charisma for my own good.

I write a lot of things and do a lot of stuff. Primarily weird things and even weirder stuff.

My specialisations can be found here.

I excel at providing unique and powerful pieces that are tailored to my client’s needs. My pieces never fail to both entertain, move, and provoke readers whilst always delivering accurate information.

I am capable of reaching any target audience whilst still providing fresh and novel content.

I offer content writing, feature writing, and general loud mouthed, passionate, well researched, mainstream and obscure opinion pieces that encourage high levels of reader engagement and discussion.

My online counselling and clinical experience enables me to create and hold safe spaces online for people to debate difficult and current issues without fear.