Dr Catherine Winther
Melbourne based freelance writer and editor.

I write a lot of things and do a lot of stuff. Primarily weird things and even weirder stuff. I am a unique, weird, neurodivergent, mouthy, educated, authentic, gender fluid ghost who is equipped with excellent communication skills and far too much charisma for my own good. I excel at providing unique and powerful pieces that are tailored to my client’s needs. My pieces never fail to both entertain and provoke readers whilst always delivering accurate information. I am capable of reaching any target audience. I offer content writing, feature writing, and general loud mouthed, passionate, well researched, mainstream and obscure opinion pieces that encourage high levels of reader engagement and discussion. My online counselling experience enables me to create and hold safe spaces online for people to debate difficult and current issues without fear.


I am a Dr of Psychology.
I have worked extensively as a counsellor and clinical psychologist. My specialisations include: suicide, bereavement, death and dying, risk assessment, terror management, crisis response, psychedelics, treatment resistant clients, LGBT, disability, chronic pain, gender, positive sexuality, the nature of consciousness, AI and consciousness, dehumanisation, and eco-psychology.

I am an online counsellor.
I work as an online counsellor and continue to study psychology and counselling. Much of my writing is focused on mental health. My counselling services can be found at Weaver Counselling.

I am an editor and published author.
I have published in the world of academia and in the realms of fiction and non-fiction. My non-fiction can be found at Unrememberings. My editing and writing services can be found at Odeyssey Writing Services.

I am an artist and art reviewer.
I am a professional photographer and digital artist. I am a sculptor. I write poetry, short stories, and speculative literary fiction. My mother was a popular Australian artist as such, I was raised running around galleries, artist studios, university arts departments, and the Women’s Art Register (WAR.) This drives my love of art and art history and critiquing. I have fostered a wonderfully diverse and wide network of artistic friends and contacts, and we always have numerous projects on the go.

I am a witch.
I was raised a witch and continue to live as a witch. My home is a small cedar witchy cabin that’s tucked away in the luscious rainforest of Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges. And before you internationals ask, yes there are lots of spiders and snakes. I know each one of them by name and so far they have been very polite house guests… except when they’re not. I have a wombat that lives under my house, bats and owls that hold punk rock concerts on my deck, a deer mafia that menace me, and a large block that is home to wallabies, lyrebirds, kookaburras, cockies, rosellas, and possums. I live directly opposite the national forest and I promise you it is true what they say, Ghost Gums come alive at night. I am well versed in all things occult. I write extensively on these subjects. My magical services can be found at Weaver Tarot.

I am dying.
I am disabled and terminally ill. However, so far, I have survived a brain tumour, being hit by a truck, and the insanity that is my mind. So, it’s fair to say that immortality is one of my strengths. My liminal status on this planet is one of the factors that ensures my writing has a unique perspective and compassionate tone.My curiosity and hunger for the truth is what keeps me going. As such, I excel at research across all my specialisations.

Finally, I am Australian.
As such, swearing is a grammatical tool and my sense of humour is dark, inappropriate, dry, and brilliant. I have a convict heritage therefore mischief is a way of life. I am also partial to all things intoxicating from beer, psychedelics, the scent of winter’s first magnolia, and any adventure that starts with ‘Hold my beer.”