Book Review: The Kaedin Secret

Writing your first book is hard. Putting it out there for others to read, pick apart, and review is even harder. It’s akin to ripping your ribcage open and leaving your soul bare to be spat on by strangers. I know this because Leon and myself are going through this process now. But you know […]

Book Review: Nightmare Rising

First of all, fuck you. Fuck both of you. How dare you do this to me? Make me feel all these feelings and assault me with such dark delicious poetry? Just who the hell do you think you are? So let’s get real, dark paranormal horror erotica is my shit. I love reading it and […]

Book Review: The Unmentionables

  A love story with an elegantly winding plot that is a triumph of feeling and masterful writing. The heart of love in this book is between neighbours Henry and James. Although both married, together discover and develop their sexuality together under the iron fist of law that prohibits their love and a society that […]

Snippet: WIP with Leon Howell

  “There wasn’t anywhere to run. The windows were barred. She worked a bed-spring free but the metal coil flew from her hand when he landed on her, air escaping her lungs with a groan. The world span as her head bounced on the mattress, eyes wide with fear and throat full of screams. She […]

Snippet: Sweetest Tongue Sharpest Tooth 30/11/2017

By the time he’s clean, Finn is at war with himself and he wears an expression of absolute agony, his breath coming in swift, audible huffs past his slightly parted lips. When Anders goes to bring yet another handful of water up to his skin, Finn reaches out and snaps his fingers over Anders’ wrist […]

Snippet: A Question of Falling 30/11/2017

  Time came undone. I was home. In this state of falling I was home. “Wes…” “Antigone…” When he released his bite, my soul eased back into my body, waking me from a luscious dream into an even more delicious fairy-tale. I craned my jaw and peered back over my shoulder, we shared the tenderest […]

Why Erotica?

Why Erotica?

Originally posted on Samantha MacLeod:
Or, as my Very Proper Sister put it during our recent visit, “Why don’t you write something your kids can read?” Well, I stammered, if I was writing for my six-year-old, all my stories would involve a dog named Bob who runs fast. And, if my kids want to read my writing,…

Hunter V. IIII

You there, other woman, twirl of my destruction, link nails and come die with me. I dyed my hair brown to be like you, like he liked. It hangs in knots of loss that kiss down my spine. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodluck. Tricky little reminders of the love I never felt. I never felt a lot […]

Excerpt from a Question of Falling.

  “The sound of Sean’s departing footsteps filtered through, dull thumps faded in and out, just as if Jade’s head was still being held underwater. His consciousness flowed and slopped around the inside of his skull, his brain no better than mush sloshing against the back of his eyes.   Jade had no idea how […]