Why Erotica?

Why Erotica?

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Or, as my Very Proper Sister put it during our recent visit, “Why don’t you write something your kids can read?” Well, I stammered, if I was writing for my six-year-old, all my stories would involve a dog named Bob who runs fast. And, if my kids want to read my writing,…

Hunter V. IIII

You there, other woman, twirl of my destruction, link nails and come die with me. I dyed my hair brown to be like you, like he liked. It hangs in knots of loss that kiss down my spine. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodluck. Tricky little reminders of the love I never felt. I never felt a lot […]

Excerpt from a Question of Falling.

  “The sound of Sean’s departing footsteps filtered through, dull thumps faded in and out, just as if Jade’s head was still being held underwater. His consciousness flowed and slopped around the inside of his skull, his brain no better than mush sloshing against the back of his eyes.   Jade had no idea how […]

The tale of two innocent and betrayed puppers that got their vengeance.

The tale of two innocent and betrayed puppers that got their vengeance. (Parental Adversary: Graphic scenes of snuggles, boops and cuteness.) The two puppers in this video didn’t want to be named so for the sake of their anonymity we’ll call them Scout and Wolf. Today we tell their story. Scout and Wolf woke on […]

Post-It Note Poetry 2017

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Four years ago, while we were writing Post Marked: Piper’s Reach, I dared Adam to write a bad poem every day in February. Adam dared back – the poem had to fit on a post-it note.  Post-It Note Poetry was born as a monthly adventure. From humble beginnings in 2013,…

Muses… they’re a handful

Muses… they’re a handful

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Me: Elsa Holland All the writers I hang out with have a muse of sorts. When writers describe their muse it ranges from a distinct presence to a form of inspiration or internal guidance.  Some relay a sense of communication from within and others that it is somehow greater than them…

Politics and the author.

Writerly fun in social-media. Some authors have complained that I am too political. That’s fine, everyone has their opinion. The unfollow/unfriend button is there for your convenience. I like to think my social media is a nice mix of discussion, silliness, beauty, sex and spirituality. I’m eclectic therefore so is my world. However, I don’t […]

Free online fiction: Summer Dress

Summer Dress Catherine Winther   The clickety-clack of the rails is hypnotizing. I waver on the edge of sleep. The images of fields outside fly by in blurs of gold and green, images hazed over by long, lazy blinks and shadowed by the heavy smear of my dark lashes.   My head rocks against the […]