A Question of Falling


“What if to save your soul, you had to lose it?”

Jade Douglas, a bestselling author thought when he left Sean, he was leaving the violence behind, but the horror was just beginning.

Imprisoned in his apartment at the infamous Sycamore Fall, Jade struggles to maintain his sanity as Sean’s violent obsession escalates. But as the horrors escalates, Jade battles his draw towards her own darkness.

Wes Black uses celebrity as barrier between himself and everyone else in an effort to keep people safe from his otherworldly powers and dark appetites. However, when he sees the same dark hunger in his neighbor, Jade, for the first time he wants to get close, but he never dreamed he’d be close enough to steal a part of his soul along with his heart.

In a race against time, a violently obsessed ex, haunted pasts, whispering demons, damaged hearts, and dangerous desires Wes and Jade struggle to find love and sanctuary in a world where nothing is quite what it seems but hope burns eternal.

Can Wes protect Jade from Sean, and above all himself? Can Jade save Wes from himself? Can Jade let his weakness become his greatest strength? Together can they finally rid themselves of their shame, accept their shadows and find love—or does the Devil always have the final say?

Sweetest Tongue Sharpest Tooth

An erotic horror that re-imagines the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Co-authored with Leon Howell.


Finn Walters, bestselling true crime author, has spent his life chasing down the world’s most bone chilling and bloody macabre murders cases, turning them into gruesome tales for the masses. So when the song of bones starts calling to Finn in his dreams, Finn had no hope of resisting the unsolved cases of The Vilkauti Murders – cases made famous for human bones being strung from treetops like human wind-chimes. But as the gates to Vilkauti forest slam shut behind Finn causing a slither of fear to climb the charts of his spine, it’s clear the real horror is just beginning.

As Finn ventures further into the heart of Vilkauti Forest, he stumbles across a small cabin and a very large woodsman – the infamous, selectively mute Anders. Finn struggles to maintain his sanity as he is repeatedly drugged with wild-mushroom tea, and slowly falls under the intoxicating spell of his violently tender affair with Anders. The woodsman dominates Finn’s mind, body and soul – drowning him in depraved pleasures and drawing out levels of bliss unlike anything the writer has previously known.

However, the longer Finn stays in the forest, the greater threat of The Other becomes. The Other who is always watching and always waiting. And as the dynamics between Finn and Anders start to shift, Finn finds himself battling his draw towards his own darkness, and in turn, The Other.

Anders isn’t sure how long he has been trapped in the forest, time loses meaning in Vilkauti forest. But when Finn arrives, the boy with the sky-blue eyes, Anders’ whole world shifts. The woodsman feels love bloom for the first time, and along with it the hope for something more than a life beyond that of grisly servitude. However, as hope ignites so does dread for what must come next.

Just as The Other waits, so does the forest with its thousand eyes and thousand small hungry mouths.

When fate unfolds and the forest’s deadly grip takes hold, The Other crashes into the tranquil world Finn and Anders have cocooned themselves in. Intoxication quickly slips into obsession, and obsession slips into pure terror. As all three men fight for their lives the only questions any of them are left asking are: can love trump fate? And who will survive the splintered jaws of Vilkauti forest?