Here is a list of useful links, and links that I recommend for people who enjoy lush and challenging writing.

Remittance Girl – A feast of online erotic works and writings that are both uncompromising, sublime and consuming. I have a great deal of respect for her and the truth she stands in.

Adrea Kore – Adrea is my editor and dear friend but also runs one of the most sensuous and intoxicating erotica blogs on the internet. A wealth of material for your senses to sink into.

Elsa Holland – Although I do not usually enjoy historical fiction, there is something truly bewitching about Elsa Holland’s words and the worlds she paints with them. Elsa’s blog is step back through time draped in velvet and poetry.

Nicolette Hugo – I love this woman. Her writing is crisp, kinky and heart-wrenching, not to mention her depraved blog. Go get your senses spanked and click that link.

Val Prozorova – One of my dearest friends and an author I admire in every respect, great integrity and indomitable talent. Her writings always have my heart at war between arousal, melancholy and pure rapture. Val is also one of those rare, kind souls who if she sees another author struggling will do everything in her power to nudge them across that finish line. Competition has no place with her, just compassion.

Jonathan Kemp – Please, do yourself a favor and delve into the sublime world of words that is Jonathan. Both his novels and social media are musts for established or aspiring authors.

Emmanuelle de Maupassant – Another author of the erotic who consistently pushes against the edges of convention bringing us gripping works of lust, and deep explorations of the human psyche. Emmanuelle also works to bring authors together in an effort to encourage and support, but also to strengthen the standing of erotic fiction within the current literary landscape. A woman truly ahead of her time.

Tiffany Reisz – If you want to know who to blame with my obsession with erotic literature, look no further than Tiffany. She reigns supreme and sits atop my list of favorite erotic novels of all time.

Anne Carson – I barely feel equipped to write about what Carson’s words do to me. They shift my soul with every brutal and elegant syllable. If I had to pick a favorite poet (a cruel and agonizing task) Carson would come first every time. Her works extend beyond poetry to novels and essays. But no matter what form her words are delivered they land like bombs of inspiration in my heart.

Kate Middleton – An old friend and Australian poet who was one of the first people to encourage my venture into the world of writing. With a tome of work behind her, and a trail of poems that destroy and conquer in best possible way, Kate is probably one of the most talented, and best versed poets regarding the state of the Australian landscape today.

The Paris Review – A long standing source of some of the highest quality fiction and poetry on the internet.

Peter Bradshaw – In short, if I want to watch a film I simply meander over to see what Peter suggests this week. His reviews have never failed my tastes. And if he tells you to watch something, you watch something. Atop of that, his reviews and Twitter are delivered with both wisdom and a delightful twist of humor.

Amanda Palmer – You don’t know Amanda? You do now. Click the link.

Nick Cave – This is the man, my man, my muse. The voice and words I run to when my well of words and soul needs replenishment. I hope when they ask about me after I die they simply say: she died with manic grin on her face and a Nick Cave original artwork tattooed on her arm after a wild night in the grot of St Kilda.

P J Harvey – The Queen of my heart. P J Harvey is everything I aspire to be, a woman in a alone in country house, with a cat, a pot of coffee and a pen battling the wilds of my own mind and the wilds of the wind.

Pearl Whitecrow – Another dear friend and an amazing, soulful artist whose work is full of heart and beauty. Her pieces, whether paintings, drawings, jewellery or whatever else she happens to turn her hand to on the day (yes, she is just that damn talented) carries the wisdom of the light and the dark. My walls are covered ceiling to floor with her work, and all of them speak of mysteries from beyond this world.

Brian Eno – The man I visit when I need my brain turned inside out.

Sacred Texts – A website dedicated to delivering free translations of ancient, sacred texts.

The Gutenberg Project – Perhaps one of the most important websites online. The Gutenberg Project works to deliver free ebooks to the world. New books are uploaded, translated, proofread and added daily – for free. Go and show them some love.

The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows – words, words, delicious words. A place I venture when I want to get drunk on words.