Catherine Winther

Catherine Winther is defined by a colourful academic, professional, and personal history ā€“ enough, some might say, to write a book about. All of these adventures have guided her towards her dream job of being an author and freelance writer.

Winther writes dark, unearthly urban fantasy with flavors of erotic-romance and a twist of horror. These tales are set against rich and diverse canvases ranging from wild forests to noir cityscapes and grunge neighborhoods, all of which have been known to slip into other dimensions. While her heroines are strong and otherworldly, her heroes are shadowy, primal, and passionate. Her passion lies in telling the villain’s tale.

Winther resides in Melbourne and seeks inspiration and excitement through frequent globe trotting, which invariably leads to all kinds of wonderful trouble.

Contact at: catherinewinther (at) gmail (dot) com


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