Leon Howell

Leon Howell resides in Ohio where he concedes they at least have great coffee and a lot of very nice porches. He works as a tattoo artist, graphic designer and writer, but his prized claim to fame is that of being a self proclaimed meme extraordinaire.

In his adventures around The New World in his infamous car that wont quit, but also wont start (it’s a tricky balance), he has lifted plenty of dangerous rocks and uncovered to feed the tip of his pen a wealth of juicy inspiration of all things dark and disturbed. He may also have discovered the world’s best recipe for macaroni and cheese – updates to come.

Leon holds a particular dislike of the sun, and a gruesome fascination with all things bloody. As such, it hasn’t yet been proven that he is not in fact a bat. But his nocturnal habits allow his muse to run wild with Catherine’s. Together they write lush tales of the depraved and macabre.


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